Awaken the Witch within and connect to your tribe.
WitchesWorkshop teach earth spirited, moon sung witches and pagans their craft. Holding regular workshops and ceremony for the seeker of the Witch's Path, we teach you how to dance this sacred circle. If you are practised but are seeking other witches, we will show you how to remember your song. There is no path not made but by walking it. 

OTHER magazine

There are other ways of seeing the world. OTHER magazine is the voice of WitchesWorkshop & the Witch Circle community. Get your FREE copy and start exploring the lives of pagans, witches, shamans, magicians, and healers. Exclusive interviews with artists, musicians, teachers and authors who are finding other ways of seeing the world.


199 King Street,
Newtown NSW 2042


E: info@witchesworkshop.com

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