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Next Casting the Witch’s Circle workshop



OVERVIEW: this  workshop comprises of 3 immersive workshops,
PLUS a special Bonus coven evening  
Monday 5 February, Saturday 10 February, and Monday 12 February 2018
Plus a special bonus evening with the coven tba. 

This comprehensive workshop is the place to begin your journey in the practice of contemporary witchcraft, psychic development, and group ritual work. The workshop course is designed to help guide those interested in experiencing an authentic ritual practice while gaining an appreciation of it is like to be in a modern witches’ coven.

The course is comprised of 3 workshop sessions, plus an evening with the coven; running in total over 16hrs. Each class provides both a detailed theory session followed by exercises in the ritual practices. You will experience some core witchcraft practices including the group creation of sacred space and activities in psychic development and spell-craft. 

The full workshop fee is $240, with a bonus night spent with the coven. You will also receive a course ebook “The Witches’ Workshop Toolbox,” valued at $25. The course is also available to repeat students for only $100, and coven members are admitted free.

Casting the Witch’s Circle workshop is offered as the best way to make a start in the practice of witchcraft and coven-based ritual work. Your teacher Tim Ozpagan has more than 40 years experience and uses a down-to-earth instructional style. Workshops are scheduled just a few times a year.

“My first ever ritual—what an experience! I loved how welcoming everyone was and have made many friendships from this.” Lannie

Session 1: Monday, 5 February 6:30pm—10:30pm

THEORY SESSION: Exploring the differences between Wicca and Witchcraft; the contemporary expressions of the modern Craft; The influence of Ceremonial Magick and Alchemy; an introduction to Hermetic Magick as an internal Alchemy and its application in the Witch’s circle; How to create ritual sacred space and preparation to entering the Witch’s Circle. Question time.

RITUAL PRACTICUM: A method of circle casting using the chanted resonance of Enochian elemental names; Using the primal tools of dance, chant and drum; raising power in ritual and entry into a trance or altered states of consciousness; An exercise in the creation of thought-forms for an improvised spell-casting. Feedback time.

The author references are from the works of Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Franz Bardon, Margaret A Murray.

Session 2: Saturday, 10 February 6:30pm—10:30pm

THEORY SESSION: Exploring the trance methods of the “Witch of Kings Cross”, Rosaleen Norton; Viewing a short video documentary of our coven’s skyclad ritual; What is the witches’ “cone of power”? An introduction to the Middle Pillar ritual practice and it’s relationship to the psychic centres in the body; The use of chi or psychic energy in ritual. An introduction of the work and ritual practice of Australia’s first witch, Rosaleen Norton. Question time.

RITUAL PRACTICUM: Using the Middle Pillar for ritual preparation; Using an elemental circle casting; Raising the “cone of power” through dance; Techniques for deepening trance and using the Tarot to divine a Pathworking. Feedback time.

The author references are from the works of Rosaleen Norton, Aleister Crowley,  Robert A Johnson, Carl Jung, Michael Harner.

Session 3: Monday, 12 February 6:30pm—10:30pm

THEORY SESSION: Sigils and the “Darling of Mayfair”, trance-artist Austin Osman Spare; the fundamentals of Sigil Magick and constructing a Sigil for ritual; Principles of Spellcraft and the techniques of Sympathetic Magick; The Witches' use of alchemical processes in spells. Question time.

RITUAL PRACTICUM: the Middle Pillar and Circle Casting ritual; breath techniques for deepening trance and focusing your intention for a Sigil Magick spell-casting; The incubation techniques of spells through alchemy. Feedback time.

The author references are from the works of Austin Osmand Spare, Joseph Campbell; Ginette Paris; Virgina Beane Rutter.

“I’m passionate about sharing the development of our psychic life through a contemporary tradition of the witchcraft. This is the course I wish I’d had when I was starting.” Tim Ozpagan

Each workshop moves participants from theory into ritual practice right from the start. The sessions begin with a theoretical study followed by applied ritual and practical exercises. During each session, we will cover a variety of techniques used by witches for psychic development. Questions encouraged throughout each class.

Bonus Coven Night:  6:30pm—10:30pm, on a night TBA 

A special coven evening is organised at the end of the last night of the workshop sessions. The evening combines both a social meetup and shared ritual practice. You should bring with you some form of ritual attire or a robe for the ceremony. More details are shared on the last night of the 3rd night of the workshop session. 



Casting the Witch’s Circle workshop is held just a few times a year, these are announced via our WitchesWorkshop Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

NEXT workshop starting soon: 3 immersive workshop sessions
Monday 5 February, Saturday 10 February, and Monday 12 February 2018
PLUS a special BONUS evening with the coven (BTA).

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Casting the Witch’s Circle workshop

Step 1: Register your name and contact information.

Step 1


What will happen next?

Getting your registration processed.

Once you complete the above two-steps using the registration form and payment form you’ll receive an acknowledgement email and receipt from WitchesWorkshop. We will also provide you with further information on what to bring and what to expect. Prior to the start of the workshop you’ll receive a FREE copy of the “Witches Workshop Toolbox” ebook to help make your experience memorable.


What will I need?

Preparations when attending.

You may want to make written notes, but your FREE copy of “Witches Workshop Toolbox” ebook includes detailed notes and essays from each workshop session. For the workshops we provide some drinks and snacks, but you should eat before you arrive.
We use the ALCHEMY space, Studio 1, 199 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042 (the entrance is from Egan Street). Newtown is a busy area so if you are driving allow enough time to find a parking spot. 


Meeting those coming

Nuit’s Veil Coven are the co-hosts for the workshop.

The workshops are designed to be socially inclusive. We value and respect the cultural and gender diversity that students bring to our classes. For many who are venturing into ritual work for the first time it can be helpful to share experiences of the workshops.
With this in mind we use a group room on Facebook Messenger to provide contact with others attending, as well as a way of addressing your questions.

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