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Tim has been a practicing Witch since his early teens and became involved in coven-based Witchcraft in 1973. An active pagan advocate, he has appeared in many TV, radio and print media interviews. For a number of years he ran an Adelaide radio program “Broomstick Corner” (1981–84) interviewing many alternate spiritual practitioners. After moving back to Sydney he independently published: “Dark Cycle Magazine” (1986–89); 'Venifica' newsletter (1986-89); “OzPagan newsletter” (1992–93); and more recently “OTHER magazine”.

Tim is a founding member of the Dark Circle Collective, establish in 1984 and also Nuit’s Veil coven in 1999. The coven is based as a training group for magickal studies. He regularly presents workshops in esoteric subjects and runs the popular online community WitchesWorkshop and Witch Circle Meetup group.

Tim Ozpagan, founder of WitchesWorkshop
Lisa Babalon founder of Babalon's Rising coven


Lisa has been a practicing Witch since her early teens, and became more formerly involved in witchcraft while living in Wollongong. She later became initiated into a coven of the Dark Circle Collective and the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), officiating as a Priestess and teacher.

In 2006 Lisa began recording her psychic experiences with the great archetype Babalon, a primal Thelemic goddess. In 2007 she founded the Babalon’s Rising coven after moving to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. She was formerly initiated into the Dark Circle Collective and recognised as a teacher, hosting several witch camps and retreats.

Her coven work has included the development of an unique ritual practicum, the Luna Child rite. She has run a number of retreats and witch camps exploring the Luna Child ritual, mythology, and magicks.

In 2015, Lisa returned to her hometown of Wollongong where she re-established Babalon’s Rising coven and currently runs regular rituals and workshops.


Mara has been a practicing Witch since 1998 through her encounter with the Australian Druid community. Later she joined an Alexandrian Coven run by the late Carole Chapman. Carole was well-respected in the Witchcraft community, having been herself initiated into the Alexandrian Wiccan tradition by Alex Sanders.

As an initiated Priestess, Mara later became a teacher for Carole’s Golden Zenith coven. With some 20 years experience Mara has gone on to run her own Alexandrian Wiccan coven.

Mara has appeared in several TV and print media interviews. She regularly gives talks for schools and runs workshops for the Witch Circle Meetup group. Mara is also an active member of the Gliding Seal Events, a pagan collective organising annual gatherings for the Sydney Pagan community.

Mara Carter, Alexandrian Priestess
Alissandra Moon


Alissandra Moon has been practising Witchcraft and other occult traditions for two decades. She is a natural spirit-medium and has shared and taught her practices in private Witchcraft Circles for those seeking a place to begin their path.

Alissandra is a respected witch and psychic who has appeared in print media, radio and podcasts (including a featured interview in the Saturday Telegraph). Several celebrity clients see her privately for readings and guidance.

She lives and works in the Wollongong region and is part of the greater Sydney Pagan community.


Frances founded the Temple of the Dark Moon in 1999 and since 2000, she has provided training courses, workshops and coven involvement for any sincere student. She lives and works in Adelaide where she is an active contributor to the local Pagan community.

Her worked with the mysteries of the Dark Goddess spans more than 16 years. While her books include: “Dancing the Sacred Wheel”; “In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine”; “Call of the God: An Anthology exploring the Divine Masculine within modern Paganism”.

Frances has also contributed towards a number of anthologies including: “Unto Herself: A Devotional Anthology for Independent Goddesses”; “A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional Anthology to the Queen of Heaven”; “The Faery Queens”; “Naming the Goddess”; and “By Blood, Bone, and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrigan”. Her current writing project is based on the Dark Goddess.

Books and workshops with Francis Billinghurst

Frances Billinghurst
What is coven involvement?


A detailed outline of Nuit’s Veil Coven methods of approach to working rituals for groups and how the coven functions.

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