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Selected information, interviews and images about
WitchesWorkshop, WITCH CIRCLE Sydney and Tim Ozpagan for media stories.

Media resource

Tim Ozpagan and other members of the Witch Circle invite media interviews or requests for further information.


Last updated: May 26, 2020

Tim Ozpagan's journey into Witchcraft

Contributing author, chapter three

Tim was invited to contribute a chapter in the book "Practising the Witch's Craft: real magic under a southern sky". The editor was Sociology Prof. Doug Ezzy. In 17 pages Tim explains what his journey into Witchcraft is like and how his path continues to be shaped by powerful psychic experiences.

"Drink from the cup of Witches’ wine and
remember ancient rites forgotten by time."
Tim begins the chapter with his definition of Witchcraft. "Witchcraft is a practical system of mysticism whose method is known as magick. At the core of my experience of Witchcraft is a direct and personal encounter of the psychic reality. I have come to understand Witchcraft as a type of gnosis or mysticism through which communion with the Divine is the principle initiation."

Tim was also the graphic designer for the book's cover.

LINK: Practising the Witch's Craft

OTHER magazine

There are other ways of seeing the world

OTHER magazine is the offical publication of WitchesWorkshop and brainchild of Tim Ozpagan and an amazing team of creatives.

The OTHER is most especially expressed in cultural differences, and given voice through the arts and literature. For the academically inclined, the 20th century French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas explored the idea of the other, and it was articulated further in the work of Edward Said's Orientalism; but we are already very familiar with the other, at least at an instinctual level. It is the uniqueness we recognise in others, their differentness from us. Otherness is epitomised in one of Sydney’s most famous eccentrics, the late visionary artist Rosaleen Norton, who was known as the Witch of Kings Cross. She revelled in her otherness…
“They are alien, Other.
I'm touched with uneasiness…
Fear of these humans… and glide away sidelong:
Yet joying in fear, in my stealthy aloofness,
To know they are Th ey and I'm I.”

OTHER magazine is returning in 2020
LINK: OTHER magazine

Nuit's Veil Coven: What is Coven involvement?

Tim's guide to coven involvement.

"Who is Dark Circle?"
Our Circle's activities are focused around a contemporary experience of Witchcraft, although we do not consider ourselves limited to this only as a method of practice. We freely utilise Thelemic, Hermetic and Shamanic techniques and have developed a number of original approaches to magickal work.

We are aware of some unique differences in our sense of place because of our Australian location in the world. We identify the psychic function as the Witch within and encourage individual expression. Our philosophy is summed up in a short eight-point chapter entitled Liber Primarius (see a copy of this document in the Appendix).

For the purpose of this document the Dark Circle Coven are the members who meet regularly at the Nuit's Veil Covenstead in Sydney. I am the Coven founder and also one of five original and founding members of Dark Circle.

LINK: What is Coven involvement? 


Last updated: May 26, 2020

Tim Ozpagan preparing the Circle tools

High Res image: 4240px × 2832px

In preparation for a Dark Moon ritual. This is the time just before a new moon, when there is no moon visible in the sky, and a time to reach deep into the Underworld of spirit familiars and primal elemental energies.

LINK: Tim Ozpagan preparing the Circle for a Dark Moon rite

Witch Circle preparing to raise energy

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The Witches stand in the Circle and gaze into the fire in preparation to raising the Cone of Power with dance. "In our hands we hold the Circle, with our bodies we mark this space."

LINK: "In our hands we hold the Circle"

Sacred ground and shared journeys

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Sharing our uniques stories helps those new to the Witch Circle to feel valued as part of our inclusive community.

We are based in the inner city area of Newtown, the traditional land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. A strong part of the ethos of coming into the Witch Circle is pay our respests to the traditional peoples of this land on which we sit. We introduce the sacred space with a reminder others older and wiser than us have danced here before us and that we can learn from them.

LINK: Teaching in the Witch Circle Sydney

Centre left Mara Carter and right Tim Ozpagan, Witch Circle Meetup Sydney 

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Tim Ozpagan, Mara Carter and other members provide free workshops for those seeking an instruction in the foundation practices of the Witch's craft.

"You don’t need special knowledge or experience ... that's why you are coming to the WITCH CIRCLE Meetup, right? And the more meetups you come to the more you'll learn and experience."

"You'll learn from experienced members of the Sydney Witchcraft community. Whether you are just starting on your path or you have been into Witchcraft forever you are very welcome."

LINK: Tim Ozpagan & Mara Carter in the Witch Circle Meeetup Sydney

Tim and Mara casting the Circle

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Tim Ozpagan and Mara Carter instructing students on the Witch's method for creating sacred space. Using the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire with the ceremonial sword and sacred cauldron, symbol of the womb of Mother Nature, they build a psychic container in which to hold the energy to be raised.

OTHER magazine is returning in 2020
LINK: Tim Ozpagan & Mara Carter in the Witch Circle Meeetup Sydney

Witches raising the Cone of Power

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Tim Ozpagan and Mara Carter, on behalf of Witches Workshop, host the popular WITCH CIRCLE Sydney Meetup community.

"We are based in the inner city area of Newtown at the Alchemy Space, the traditional land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We are an inclusive community with great diversity in cultural backgrounds, practices and traditions."

"Meeting together, chatting, and sharing ritual is what has made our meetings valuable for our members, especially for those wanting to know where to start. We've met some wonderful witches and see WITCH CIRCLE Meetup community continue to grow. Since Tim and Mara refreshed this Meetup group in February 2019 the group has grown from 500 members to over 900+ Witches."

LINK: Witches raising the Cone of Power


Witch Circle Sydney 

Join the Witch Circle Sydney Meetup for FREE workshops creating connection in a growing community. Each month many wonderful witches attend our workshops from across Sydney, the Illawarra district of the Central Coast of NSW and the Blue Mountains. You can too.


The Alchemy Space
Studio 1, 199 King Street,
Newtown NSW 2042
(Enterance on Egan street)