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A NIGHT SOUL-JOURNEY ritual-workshop

NOX : a night soul-journey

A NIGHT SOUL-JOURNEY ritual-workshop
Saturday 9 May and Sunday 10 May, 2020
in the Alchemy Space and nearby Newtown temple space


There are times our lives when all external wisdom fails, and the only way forward is to discover a new path and new strengths within the Self. This is when we know we are ready for change and we can confidently undertake the journey of initiation. 

In many cultures, magick is the practice of working with the psychic reality. No matter what level of your experience and training in magick, the NOX (Night) ritual-workshop will significantly advance your psychic skills and study of the Western Mystery Tradition. 

This unique two-day workshop runs from 11 am to midnight on Saturday 9 May, and 2 pm to 5 pm on Sunday 10 May. The workshop and ritual fee for the two-days is $190

Also included is an exclusive bonus symposium of study material.

Your BONUS of online seminars set out a series of lessons covering:
• a detailed background to the NOX ritual and its development
• the essays on the NOX archetypes and their Ancient Egyptian mythologies
• Tarot and Qabalistic correspondences for the NOX, its colours and totemic animals
• How to make the NOX pantacle
• Making the ritual incense blends
• A copy of the ritual music

There are strictly limited places. Booking is essential. 
Location is the Alchemy Space in Sydney Australia.
Bookings open March 2020.

“The NOX ritual was a truly transformational and healing experience... I experienced energy so powerful that it racked my body back and forth like a serpent. Drum rhythms I've never played before, and then I turned into a cat! I feel like I've been to voodoo land and back!” Clare

The NOX is a ritual designed to introduce you to methods for developing personal experiences of Magick. These encounters of the psychic reality are like hearing the songs of your soul-story. The NOX ritual provides you with the tools needed to navigate your journey toward self-initiation.

Join us for this two-day ritual-workshop using a unique blend of Western Magick and Sufi Mysticism for soul-journeying. We will explore techniques in ritual (zikr ) and trance-dances (semâ) to enter the altered states of consciousness that is your doorway to self-initiation. 

Your instructor, Tim Ozpagan, is an accomplished ritual practitioner with a down-to-earth style. He has over 40 years of involvement in teaching and sharing ritual practices.

Let's get started in 2020.

Theory and Practice

This two-day workshop combines the theory and practice of ritual Magick and Sufi trance dances for entering visionary states of soul-journeying. 

During the first day, Tim will lead you in a series of workshops and practical exercises that introduce you to the foundation work of ritual, myth and trance. In the evening, Tim will be assisted by coven members to guide you into an immersive ceremony of the NOX with its accompanying rituals and trance-dances. The following day we will hold a shared circle for darshan and reflection on our experiences. 

The NOX ritual is a highly stylised ceremony, incorporating several practices drawn from both the Western Mystery Traditions and the Middle-Eastern Mysticism. These include Thelemic Magickal techniques as well as dances from the Sufi tradition, known as semâ. You will also learn suchthings as the zaar drum-rhythms used extensively in rural Egypt. The semâ and zaar combine with mantra drawn from Thelemic Magickal traditions..


Night is for Magick

On Saturday night, we begin immersion into ritual and the trance experiences. But, before the main ceremony, you will undertake an initiatory rite where each person becomes a member of the tariqa (path).

In a welcoming rite, you'll share sheesha (tobacco), fruits, wines, waters and luna-sucus (moon-juice). When the hour of the zikr arrives, the candlelight and fires are dowsed and night sets our circle as the way of remembering begins.


Online Seminars and Support 

Registration will open in March 2020

Once registrations open, you'll receive access to an exclusive series of online symposium. These are designed to introduce you to the NOX ritual practices. Each seminar is self-paced. These provide ongoing core information and research material to help you to understand the esoteric language of this magickal practice.

The seminars include research essays on the NOX ritual, its mythology and qabalistic correspondences. You'll find details on the incense blends used, colours, totemic animals, the ritual tools and music for the NOX practicum.

To help assist your studies, we use a mentor system where we partner you with a member of our coven. In our experience, we've found having a go-to-person can make a big difference to your practices. Communication with a mentor is setup via a Facebook Messenger group. There you'll also meet others who are attending the NOX ritual-workshop and any questions you may have can be answered.


Workshop & Ritual

Saturday, 9 May
The daytime sessions begins at 11 am and is structured around a series of workshops and practical exercises. Lunch and a light evening meal are self-catered at nearby cafés. The night ritual commences at 8 pm.

Throughout the day, Tim will lead you into the foundation work of the NOX ritual training you in the techniques that make this a unique experience. You will explore the myths, ritual, and trance practices that are then put into practice on Saturday night during the ceremony. Several exercises will help prepare you for the all important trance-dances or semâ

The NOX ritual is a highly stylised ceremony, incorporating several magickal practices drawn from the Middle-Eastern as well as the Western Mystery Traditions. These include whirling dances from the Sufi tradition known as semâ. You will also learn the Egyptian drumming technique known as zaar-trance. And finally, you'll learn how to combine these with the inspired ritual and mantric-spells from Thelemic and Wiccan magickal traditions.


Sunday Workshop
Occult Darshan

On Sunday, 10 May 
We will gather at 2 pm for the important integration and sharing. Having psychic experiences is just half the work, integrating and making sense of these experiences is even more important. Occult darshan means to see what has been hidden. The occult darshan is a time to share and reveal the psychic processes at work in the NOX night soul-journeys. During the session of occult darshan, Tim will introduce several practical exercises that provide a method for symbol and vision retrieval. These include: how to work with your visions and dreams; how to use symbol immersion; and how to use a process known as amplification of your experiences through myth and metaphor.


Beyond the Workshop

Dark Circle and Magickal Ritual
Students looking for more experience with the NOX ritual and other ritual practices can register through Nuit’s Veil coven or join our WITCH CIRCLE Meetup group where there will be an opportunity to further develop your ceremonial and psychic skills in 2020.


NOX : a night soul-journey


What will happen next?

Getting your registration processed

Bookings will be accepted from MARCH 2020. In the interim, if you can use the above link to register your interest. You’ll receive an acknowledgement email and receipt from WitchesWorkshop. You may want to attend any of our FREE workshops via the WITCH CIRCLE Meetup platform.
Once this workshop opens for registration we will notify you. You’ll then be introduced via Facebook Messenger to your Mentor and others attending. Over the coming days you’ll start receiving further seminar material to help make your experience memorable.


What will I need?

A few things to make your experience memorable

Most things for the workshop are provided, but one personal item you will need is something to wear as ritual attire. Suitable ritual attire is usually a simple robe, such as a kaftan or sari. The only consideration in choosing suitable ritual attire is that you be able to easily move and dance in it. 
We also ask that you please also bring something to share to eat and drink. Juices, wines, waters, cheeses, olives, crackers and dips are suitable.


Meeting those coming

Nuit’s Veil Coven are the hosts for this NOX ritual

Our workshops, witch camps and WITCH CIRCLE Meetup community are designed to be socially inclusive. We value and respect the cultural differences that students bring to our events.
For many who are venturing into ritual work for the first time it can be helpful to have a mentor or guide to show you around. This workshop will use a buddy-system, a go-to-person, who you can always reach out to get answers to questions and who you can check-in with.

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