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NOX : a night soul-journey



There are times in our lives when all external wisdom fails and the only way forward is to discover a new path and new strengths within the Self. This is when we know we are ready for change and we can confidently undertake the journey of initiation. 

In many cultures, magick is the practice of working with the psychic reality. No matter what level of experience you may have in the practice of magick, the NOX (Latin for “Night”) ritual-workshop will significantly advance your psychic experience and studies in the Western Mystery Tradition. 

This two-day retreat is a fully catered Vegan-Vegetarian and includes all meals: breakfasts, morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas, evening dinners, and midnight snacks; BYO wine. The complete fee is $245 and includes two days and nights of workshops and rituals; plus bonus online seminar material to assist in providing background research.

The retreat will be held at the Minto Bush Camp, which is about 1 hour from Sydney CBD; accessible by train or car. The camp has basic dorm-style accomodation with bunks, hot showers and toilet fascilities. You are welcome to use your own tent for camping if you prefer. There is a limited number of places available for this retreat.

“The NOX ritual was a truly transformational and healing experience... I experienced energy so powerful that it racked my body back and forth like a serpent. Drum rhythms I've never played before, and then I turned into a cat! I feel like I've been to voodoo land and back!” Clare

Held over two-days, the NOX ritual is a witch camp retreat providing a practical and experiential series of workshops in the theory and practice of magick, ritual, and altered states of consciousness. Your instructor, Tim Ozpagan, is an accomplished and down-to-earth practitioner with over 40 years of involvement in teaching and sharing ritual practices.

The NOX ritual is designed to introduce the student in methods for developing a personal experience of magick. Encountering the psychic reality is like hearing the songs of your soul-story. This ritual-workshop will provide you with the tools to navigate your own journey of self-initiation.


The two-day retreat combines the theory and practice of ritual, dance, and trance in preparation for the main ceremony on Saturday evening. From your Friday night arrival you’ll begin the preparations for immersion into ritual. The first evening begins with the ritual creation of sacred space and introduction to the techniques of the trance-dances and drumming.

Then on Saturday a series of workshops are run throughout the day providing an introduction to the foundation work in myth, ritual, and trance. On the Saturday night you will be guided into the immersive ritual of the NOX trance-dances. Finally, on the Sunday we will hold a shared darshan, a shared time of reflection on the experiences of the weekend. 

The NOX ritual is a highly stylised ceremony, incorporating a number of practices drawn from the Middle-East as well as the Western Mystery Traditions. These include dances from the Sufi tradition, the sacred dance practice of whirling known as semâ. You will also learn the zaar trance drumming used extensively in rural Egypt. These are combined with inspired ritual and mantric-spells from the Thelemic and Wiccan magickal traditions.

Over the two-days, you will explore Jungian techniques in symbol immersion, dreamwork, and the amplification of visions.

“This weekend has been a mind-blowing, life-changing event. The energy in the rituals were beyond the scale of anything else I have experienced before; and the loving, caring community made me feel so at home.” Rebecca

The night is dedicated to the immersion into the NOX ritual, but before the main ceremony, we will undertake a special initiatory ceremony where each person becomes a member of the sacred circle. In welcoming you, you’ll share in the sheesha, fruits, wines and/or moon-juice (non-alcholic), water, ritual, dance and trance. As the hour of the zikr (“the way of remembering”) arrives our camp-fires are dowsed to reveal the night and the setting for our ritual.

The group ritual work is designed to help trigger an inner transformative experience or true Initiation. This will be your chance to undertake your own nekyia, a personal night soul-journey. Drawing on the learned practices of ritual and trance work from earlier in the day, we enter into a profoundly deep level of the psyche. The ritual will open the sacred space for psychic insight and you’ll enter to experience the first of many night soul-journeys.

Online Seminars and Support 

Once you are registered to come you’ll receive a short series of seminars to help with your introduction to the NOX ritual. This will provide background information and further research material that will help you better understand the esoteric language of magick.

Plus we will introduce you to your retreat buddy-mentor. Our experience in running witch camp retreats has taught us that having a “go-to-person” can make a big difference on your experience of the retreat. Communication with your ”buddy” is setup via Facebook Messenger in a small chat group. There you will also meet others attending and have any immediate questions answered.

The seminars are also a good talking point for exploring the background of the NOX ritual, it’s mythology, tarot, and qabalah. You’ll be offered information on the magickal correspondences of the NOX ritual, information about incense blends, colours, totemic animals, ritual tool and musick.

Sunday Darshan

On Sunday morning we work in our buddy-groups to help tidy the camp and return it to a clean state. Following this we have morning tea/coffee/juice and snacks before sharing in darshan of the previous night’s experiences, visions and dreams.

The darshan is one of the most important experiences of the witch camp retreat. Darśana or darshanam, comes from Sanskrit meaning “to see”. Our occult-darshan is the time to reflect on visions and dreams shared in the circle from the night before. This final workshop provides the opportunity for immersion in greater depth of the experiences with the introduction of a number of practical techniques. These include: methods for retrieved symbols and visions from psychic experiences; a practicum for working with visions and dreams; the use of symbol immersion; and the amplification of your experiences through myth and metaphor.

Even a small star shines in the darkness. (Danish proverb)

Author references: Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Lon Milo DuQuette, Jan Assmann, Athon Veggi & Allison Davidson, David Tacey. 



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Step 2 : Register your payment

There are a limited number of places for this workshop.
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What will happen next?

Getting your registration processed

Once you complete the above form and payment you’ll receive an acknowledgement email and receipt from WitchesWorkshop. We will also provide you with further instructions about how to get to the retreat. We’ll then introduce you to others attending via Facebook Messenger as well as your Mentor, who’s from our coven. Over the coming days you’ll receive further seminar material to help make your experience memorable.


What will I need?

A few things to make your experience memorable

Most things for the retreat are provided, but one personal item you’ll need is ritual attire. This is usually a simple robe, such as a kaftan or sari. The only important consideration in your choice of  ritual attire is that you can move and dance in it. Our witch camp retreats are a fully catered retreat with lots of tasty vegetarian/vegan foods. There’s a full list of useful items to included in subsequent emails that you can use as check-list.


Meeting those coming

Nuit’s Veil Coven are the hosts for this year’s witch camp

Our witch camps are designed to be socially inclusive. We value and respect the cultural differences that students bring to our events. For many who are venturing into ritual work for the first time it can be helpful to have a mentor or guide to show you around. Our witch camps use a coven buddy-system so that you’ll always have a go-to-person to answer any questions and who you can check-in with.

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