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Nuit’s Veil Coven is a training coven that embraces a contemporary interpretation of traditional witchcraft. We use a fusion of Wicca, Thelema, Shamanism, and Alchemy in exploration of the psychic experience. 

People seek involvement in Witchcraft for a variety of reasons, but central to those reasons is the psychic experience. The function of many of the rituals taught in the coven is to help the student in achieving a direct and personal experience of psychic and mystical states of consciousness, known as occult darshan. These many manifest in a variety ways—such as clairvoyance, healing, trance, having out of body experiences, spell-craft for the purpose of influencing life’s situations, and for initiation into the mysteries. 

The coven has played host to a number of public witch camps and private retreats. Nuit’s Veil coven provides an initatory training syllabus designed to help students navigate their personal psychic development and interest in coven ritual. The coven uses a number of distinct ritual practcum that are unique to the Dark Circle Collective, these combine with many traditional witchcraft practices to produce a well-round experience.


Nuit’s Veil was established in 1999 as a training coven of the Dark Circle Collective. In 2000 we began formally intiating members. The coven founder Tim Ozpagan was continuing a well established tradition of creating coven-based working groups as part of the Dark Circle Collective (formed in 1984). Tim began his coven work in Adelaide in 1973, when he co-founded the Earth Circle Coven.  

Nuit’s Veil covenstead (meeting place) is located in Newtown, the inner west of Sydney, NSW.


In the mid-1980’s when the Dark Circle Collective came into being, we abandoned the hierarchical model for the coven. This meant that there was no literal use of titles such as High Priest or High Priestess. The very nature of our coven was to apply the principle view that we work as a circle of peers. This has also meant that a strong level of shared leadership has been developed within the coven. Our ideals have been expressed in variety pamphlets, self-published newsletters and magazines. In the digital era we make a more efficient use of the Internet.

We have articulated our ideas and expectations for circle development through documents such as our “What is Coven Involvement?” document. See link below. We expect anyone seeking involvement to have attended the primary workshops and to be well read on the subject.

Invocation of Nuit

From Nuit’s Veil Coven full moon esbat ritual:

“Infinite Space, Infinite Stars; Let the Light grow, let the Light grow.
I am before Time, I am after Time, I am the moment you become.
I am what I am. I am what I want to be;
The Thought thought, the Thought thought.
Infinite Divinity, I am Infinite Divinity;
The Thought thought, the Thought thought.
I will it to be.”


O my Mother Nuit, stretch yourself over me, that I may be placed among the imperishable stars which are in you, and that I may not die.” From an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.

The coven name Nuit (pronounced "nu-ee", Nu’t) is taken from to the great Ancient Egyptian goddess of the night sky. Nuit is the primal archetype of the cosmos and the creative forces that are expressed as coming into being. She is frequently depicted on the ceilings of Ancient Egyptian tombs and temples, arched above the world as the nightsky.

Her heiroglyphic name is composed of two simple parts, “Nu” and “t”. "Nu"means the great "abyss" of the night sky, and the "deep" of the waters of creation. Heiroglyph for “Nu” is inscribed as three consecutive wavy lines or else expressed as vase or pot. These are an expression for the primal waters of life. The heiroglyph for heaven is also usually depicted in the cartouche of her name. The final “T” in her name, Nu’t, is the Ancient Egyptian glyph for the feminine, and is represented by an egg.

Combined “Nuit” means a force that is moving forward, coming from out of the abyss, the great deep of eternity, and flowing into being. Nuit is the great archetype that creates and “becomes manifest”.

Nuit is usually depicted as a naked woman arched over the world. Her nakedness is the Ancient Egyptian posture for giving birth. The skies, both daytime and especially the night sky, are her domain. The stars, such as the Milkyway are perceived as the mother’s milk that flowing from her body. This image of the goddess’ naked body was frequently painted or inscribed on the inside of the lids of Ancient Egyptian coffins and again mirrored on the inside bottom of the sarcophagus in loving embrace of the dead.

The introduction of the French language in the naming convention of many Ancient Egyptian dieties, is fitted perfectly in the name “Nuit”. The French for both "night" (nuit) and "nude" (nu) are the primary attributes of the Goddess. The dedicated coven name Nuit’s Veil is an acknowledge that in both traditional and contemporary witchcraft of practices the rituals are performed both at night and "skyclad" (in the nude).

Nuit is the great archetype of night, dreaming and witchcraft. Within the psychology of the coven, Nuit is expressed as the Collective Unconscious of the world. Myths and symbols are her language. We individually experience Her through the personal unconscious, which is given expression in our dreaming and trances. The practices of witchcraft may be used in expression of our dreaming selves, and into which our unconscious desires, our destiny, are dreamed into the world so that we become who we are.

My name is NuIt,
I, the untouchable dark,
respond to me.
Elaborate my formless form,
I can lead you to the origin of all things.
You can briefly become me,
then instantly you generate him,
the single point of awarenss,
ever contracting within himself.
Excerpt from an invocation by student Bec Sonkkila


Click the book to read an excerpt from “Practising the Witch’s Craft”, edited by Prof. Doug Ezzy. Coven founder, Tim Ozpagan recounts his early experiences in coven work, sharing insights to his initiation into the psychic reality of the witch’s craft through coven ritual practices.

Practising the Witch's Craft, real magic under a southern sky
Nuit's Veil Coven involvement


A detailed outline of Nuit’s Veil Coven methods of approach to working rituals for groups and how the coven functions.

At the rising of the moon may the witches find you

If you are interested in coven involvement you will need to have undertaken the relevant workshops such as “Casting the Witch’s Circle” workshop. This is our primer training workshop and the place to begin your journey. Coven founder Tim Ozpagan periodically holds this workshop and our coven also runs occasional witch camp retreats. Register your interest and tell us a bit about yourself.

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