“My first ever ritual—what an experience! I loved how welcoming everyone was and have made many friendships from this.” Lannie

workshops & sabbats

Each month we host a couple of workshops and rituals. These provide learning opportunity as well as a chance to meet and chat to our local tribe of Sydney witches. Each meetup is a mix of theory and practices; and is a great place to socialise with kindred spirits. Regester on Witch Circle Sydney Meetup for updates and news about our events.

The workshops are organised to run in two parts with time to socialise at the beginning and later during the break. Arrive at 4:30pm. The first half-hour we social and generally get acquainted over snacks and drinks. We then start at 5pm with the workshop that runs for about an hour and a half. We break break again for refreshments and chats. Then at 7pm, after a short introduction to our method of working ritual we begin the practice, finishing just after 9:30pm. 
Check out some of our past events on Witch Circle Sydney.

The meetups are generally lead by Tim Ozpagan and Mara Carter. Both Tim and Mara have had many years experience in the Craft and running local covens and workshops. We also host guest presenters on a variety of Witchcraft subjects.
If you would like to present a workshop or have an idea for a workshop, please come along and discuss your ideas with Tim and Mara. We welcome any ideas for events that may interest our members and are keen to support your ideas. Both Tim and Mara donate their time free to running the Meetups, but we also host paid workshop events and rituals.
Contact us: info@witchesworkshop.com 

We ask everyone to please bring refreshments along to share. Finger foods such as cheeses, olives, dips, and crackers, and any wines, juices, waters and witch’s brews are all suitable.  
Because we rent the Alchemy Space we ask that everyone to contribute $25 please. You can now use our tap-on Square card reader. The reader accept all cards, securely and can receipt you instantly to your email address.
Register with our Witch Circle Sydney Meetup page and we look forward to meeting you in person.

When we started the new Witch Circle Sydney Meetups, our aim was to help create a vital Sydney Witchcraft community, and we have accomplished that. After a name change in early 2019 we grew from about 540 largely inactive members to now some 1200 new members and a core group of witches who regularly attend. Today we are now a bigger and stronger supporting a culturally diverse and gender positive community. Come and meet us.


“This weekend has been a mind-blowing, life-changing event. The energy in the rituals were beyond the scale of anything else I have experienced before; and the loving, caring community made me feel so at home.” Rebecca

Workshops and Sabbats in the Witch Circle

Each year Witch Circle Sydney hosts a comprehensive range of topics on Witchcraft and Magick to help you transform your Craft. Join Tim Ozpagan and Mara Carter who will help guide your development and personal practice ... AND the next 'they' call you a Witch you will be.

Workshop / Sabbat DateUnscheduled Workshops Date
16. Moon's Mansions25 Jul 202129. The Witch of Kings CrossTo Be Announced
Sabbat: Imbolc / Candlemas1 Aug 202130. Black as NightTBA
17. The Witches' Tools15 Aug 202131. Magick SquaresTBA
18. Spirits of Air22 Aug 202132. NOX ritualTBA
19. The Middle Pillar rite5 Sep 202133. The Witch's PathTBA
Sabbat: Spring Equinox / Ostara19 Sep 202134. LVX ritualTBA
20. A Witch's Apprenticeship26 Sep 202135. Ravens and CrowsTBA
21. Candle Magick3 Oct 202136. Sign of the WitchTBA
22. Spirits of Water17 Oct 202137. Music and MagickTBA
Sabbat: Beltane31 Oct 202138. ScryingTBA
23. Dark Tarot7 Nov 202139. Terra, Aqua, Aeris, Ignis, SpiritusTBA
24. The Witches' Pyramid21 Nov 202140. Magick MirrorsTBA
25. The Witch Bottle28 Nov 202141. Rite of HorusTBA
26. Spirits of Earth5 Dec 2021Sabbat: Lughnasad / Lammas 6 Feb 2022
Sabbat: Summer Solstice / Litha 19 Dec 2021Sabbat: Mabon / Autumn Equinox 20 March 2022
27. Witch Spirits and GuidesTBASabbat: Samhain / Hallowe'en 1 May 2022
28. Witch Circle Tarot night TBASabbat: Yule / Winter Solstice19 Jun 2022
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The Alchemy Space
Studio 1, 199 King Street,
Newtown NSW 2042
(Enterance on Egan street)


E: info@witchesworkshop.com

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